Adventure Holidays in Bermuda – Interact with Dolphins in our Sanctuary

Often considered as some of the most intelligent creatures on earth these highly socialised animals bring joy to everyone they encounter. Dolphins, are even used in therapy. The simplest involves swimming with, touching or ‘looking after’ dolphins or more complex therapies, such as Dolphin-Assisted Therapy (DAT)


Now that we know that interactions with dolphins are actually considered a therapy let’s see what adventure holidays are available when looking for on the go tours Bermuda – of course with Dolphins as your companions.


Our tours running from April to November are fun filled with underwater adventures and encounters. We offer both seasonal and year round tours, tailored for groups, individuals and families. Here are some samples of our favourite and popular tours.


Join us on this premium level experience which combines unforgettable dolphin interactions while exploring our ocean sanctuaries! Swim and meet our families of Dolphins.
Cost: $355 Per Person
Duration: 1 Hour (40 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: April-November


Cost: $265 Per Person
Duration: 45 minutes (30 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: April-November
This tour involves swimming in shallow and deep water with dolphins. You are sure to find a Dolphin that wishes to dance and that you will remember for ever.


Cost: $225 Per Person
Duration: 30 minutes (20 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: April-November
Learn to care for a Dolphin! Get to know our dolphin family as you touch, feed and swim alongside these incredible animals!


Cost: $165 Per Person
Duration: 20 minutes (15 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: April-November
A fast paced tour that enables you to touch and feed dolphins, discover their intelligence and playfulness, and make fine flippered friends for life.


Our year round tours have options for young and old. If it is your first time interacting with a dolphin or your children’s, than this is the tour for you.


Cost: $49 Per Person
Duration: 5 minutes
Operates: Year Round (Upon Request Only)
Spend a magical moment with a dolphin, feed it a fish, share a smile and seize a photo opportunity with your new friend.


Cost: $825 Up to 3 Participant; $250 Each Additional Participant //*$599 Winter Special Valid November 12th – March 31st*
Duration: 30 minutes (20 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: Year Round.
Swim with the dolphins and create memories your own private group.
This exclusive and intimate dolphin encounter is unforgettable! Enjoy swimming and playing with dolphins in a personalised session and share the memories with your closest.


Cost: $175 Per Person
Duration: 30 Minutes (20 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: November – March
A truly remarkable experience! This customised in water tour permits you to be either seated on a submerged swim platform or to swim in deeper water with the dolphins. An ideal opportunity to touch and feed the dolphins in an intimate group setting.


Seeking more adventure underwater? Ride an underwater scooter and ride alongside the majestic dolphins.


Cost: $100 Per Person
Duration: 30 Minutes (15 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: November – March
This adventurous experience gives you the chance to glide alongside the dolphins using underwater scooters to observe them in their ocean habitat. Join us on this personalised lagoon exploration.


Finally our last tours but certainly not least!


Cost: $79 Per Person
Duration: 2 Hours (5 min Dolphin Time)
Operates: November – March
A behind the scenes tour of the Dolphin Quest marine mammal facility, followed with a dockside interaction with the dolphins. Learn more about Dolphin Quest’s conservation initiatives.


My personal favourite, and an ideal gift for any dolphin loving friend or family.


Cost: $700 Per Person
Duration: 5.5 Hours
Operates: Year Round. (Upon Request – Call or E-Mail to Inquire)
Spend a day with dolphins and see if you have what it takes to be a dolphin trainer extraordinaire! Trainer for a Day is exciting and fun, with dolphins, dolphins, and more dolphins.