Beaches to Visit in Bermuda for a Wonderful Holiday

Bermuda is known to have some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Not just because of the white and pink sand but also the large limestone rock formations and turquoise blue waters that surround them by land and sea. So if you’re planning to head to Bermuda on your next holiday trip, here are some must-see beaches you have to visit while you’re on the island.


Famous Bermuda Pink Sand Beaches
You’re going to find the beaches with pink sand all along the South Shore. The location’s close proximity to an abundance of coral reef and the coral reef is where the sand gets its pink from. There is a red marine organism that grows under the coral, and when it dies, its pink shell mixes in with the white sand to give it its color.


The South Shore beaches in Bermuda have steep cliffs, hidden coves, and miles of nature trails scattered along its coastline. Best stops are Horseshoe Bay, Stonehole Bay, Astwood Cove, and Church Bay.

The South Shore beaches in Bermuda


Best Secluded Beaches in Bermuda
The Somerset Long Bay Beach is near the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. It is a public beach off the beaten path and also faces the horizon where the sun sets. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Somerset Long Bay Beach


The Whale Bay Beach near Port Royal Golf Course is where you will be able to catch a #7 or #8 bus out of Dockyard towards Hamilton. You will need to ask the friendly bus driver to drop you off here.
Whale Bay Beach
The Astwood Cove is known for its high cliffs. You will need to hike from the roadside. There isn’t much around here to see, but it’s the perfect spot to relax, lie on the beach, and enjoy the water. The beach is surrounded by a park above it with picnic benches and portable toilets which makes it great for families.

Astwood Cove