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Snorkeling in Bermuda is uniquely perfect for people looking for exciting vacations to go to. But, why? Well, Bermuda waters are home to breath-taking marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and numerous shipwrecks. In fact, Bermuda is commonly referred to as the capital of shipwrecks due to over 300 shipwrecks that have occurred in its waters. Despite the fact that you can only view most reefs and wrecks by scuba diving, there are shallow sites that are good for snorkeling.

The Bermuda waters have sites that can allow you to have a glimpse of coral reefs and ancient wrecks through the clear Atlantic waters. Some of the perfect spots for shipwreck snorkeling are offshore, and you may require to rent a boat or hire a boat tour to access them.

Popular Sites for Shipwreck Snorkelling
There are a lot of wrecks not far from the shores of Bermuda island where you can enjoy a Bermuda shipwreck snorkel. These sites hold the remains of historic shipwrecks that have happened due to the Bermuda Coral Reef.
Other than being historical sites, they offer visitors great views of flora and fauna found in the Atlantic Waters. Below are three wreck sites with shallow waters that you can enjoy snorkeling in Bermuda:

1. The Western Blue Cut
The Western Blue Cut area has three wrecks within its vicinity. The Montana and Constellation wrecks are mostly popular for Bermuda shipwreck snorkels. The wrecks sit at approximately 15 to 18 ft and are clearly visible while snorkeling. The spot also features sizeable amounts of coral growth and fish shades that you can feast your eyes on while snorkeling

To the west of Montana and Constellation, you will find the Lartington wreck that sunk in 1879. This spot is even shallower, and you can clearly see the bottom part of the ship in addition to the bow and propellers.

You can get to this site by boat tours such as the Jessie James 2 Stop Snorkel Adventure. The Jessie James 2 Stop Snorkel Adventure tour is particularly useful as it will take you to two snorkeling sites in one trip.

2. The Vixen Wreck Snorkelling Spot
The Vixen wreck is 1500 ft away from Daniel’s Head that is usually busy in the summer. As much as it is a good spot for shipwreck snorkeling, high boat traffic and currents from adjacent boat channels make it unsafe for snorkeling in the summer. You can either hire a boat to get you to the Vixen Wreck or get there by boat tour.

3. The Pollockshields
The Pollockshields is about 1300 feet from the Elbow Beach. You can get to this shipwreck either by swimming or renting an underwater scooter at the beach. If you decide to swim, you need to be physically in good shape as it is a fairly long distance. The Pollockshields ship sunk in 1915 but you can still get to see the engine parts and the boilers. The journey towards the wreck offers you scenic views of the reef and a lot of fish.

Take a Boat Tour to Shipwreck snorkeling sites
Since you cannot swim to the wrecks, boat excursion companies take snorkelers to these sites at a fee. Captain Kirks Coal Reef Adventures, for example, provides boat tours to visitors who want to explore the ocean. The Jessie James 2 Stop Snorkel Adventure tour is convenient for snorkelers as you get to visit two snorkeling sites in one trip. You also get to spend approximately 50 minutes in each point. Jessie James 2 stop Snorkel Adventure will take you to shipwreck snorkel, Island and beach snorkeling as well as the coral reef snorkel.

Boat tours are also a great way to learn about the history behind the wrecks that make for Bermuda shipwreck snorkel. Many tour boat operators have in-depth knowledge of the ocean and the island. This way, you get to learn as much as possible about the island and the shipwrecks. You also don’t need to worry about your safety as tours like Jessie James Cruises provide the necessary equipment and offer instructions regardless of whether you are a beginner or a snorkeling expert.

Bermuda Shipwreck snorkel is an exciting way to spend your time while on the island. Create some time during your vacations to go for a Bermuda shipwreck snorkel and take in all the magic the ocean has to offer.

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