Ultimate Water Sports In Bermuda

Are you looking for the ultimate water sports in Bermuda and maybe some group travel options? Then the Island Tour Centre is the one-stop destination for all of your bookings whether you are looking for some sun-drenched beaches in Bermuda or to snorkel magnificent reefs.


We operate from several locations in Bermuda, Hamilton, Bermuda’s bustling capital, from the Old Navy Dockyard or St George’s the oldest British settlement in Bermuda and famed UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you want to get out on the water with your partner, friend or colleague, we have several fun-packed activities available to fit into your time away and price range.


If you are craving some adrenaline filled action on your holidays, why not start with some cliff jumping and book a double jet ski? Take the (DOCKYARD) JET SKI & CLIFF JUMPING ADVENTURE – K.S. WATERSPORTS tour. See Bermuda’s coastline from above with the added thrill of jumping into Bermuda’s waters at Diving Board Island! Once you reach the bottom, collect your jet ski and continue your adventure.

Operates: June 12th – August 28th
Cost: $225 Per Single Jet Ski, $245 Per Double Jet Ski
Duration: 2 Hours


Maybe you are looking for a combination of action and fun. The BANANA SPLIT BOAT RIDE is a popular choice. Jump aboard the Banana for the most exhilarating activity in Bermuda! Speed across the clear blue waters while our high speed Seadoo Jet Boat pulls you on the Banana bouncing across the waves.
Cost: $35 Per Person
Duration: 30 Minutes
Operates: June – August


Explore UNESCO World Heritage Site, St George and book the (ST GEORGE’S) JET SKI & SWIM ADVENTURE – K.S. WATERSPORTS tour. Glide through the East Side of the island and pass Bermuda’s historic forts, secluded reefs, famous homes, and the luxurious ‘Billionaire’s Row’. Stop with us at a secluded pink sandy beach for a short swim!
Cost: $145 Per Single Jet Ski, $155 Per Double Jet Ski
Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Operates: April – October


If a summer holiday means water and a jet ski, enjoy high speeds on the water (DOCKYARD) JET SKI ADVENTURE – K.S. WATERSPORTS. Come join this High Speed Guided Tour for adventure and thrills where you will glide from the historic Dockyard toward Somerset Bridge and on to Ely’s Harbour. Stop in on the HMS Vixen to feed hundreds of fish.
Cost: $145 Per Single Jet Ski, $155 Per Double Jet Ski
Duration: 75 Minutes (60 Minute Adventures available on Tuesdays and Fridays)