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Of all the places you can explore during a vacation in Bermuda, the island’s waters remain undefeated. Numerous attractions ranging from shipwrecks, flora, and fauna to thrilling water sports activities lie in Bermuda’s waters waiting to be explored.

The magic multiplies with the onset of Spring as the island becomes host to some of the largest water mammals known to man, whales. You are in luck if you happen to be in Bermuda during this time. This is because you get to witness a once-in-a-year phenomenon of whales in their natural habitat making their way to better feeding grounds in the north.

The Best Time for Whale Watching in Bermuda

The whale watching season in Bermuda falls on March and April. During this time, thousands of whales migrate from the Caribbean waters towards the Arctic in search of better feeding grounds. The Humpback and the Pygmy Sperm whales are the mostly spotted species in this annual migration featuring about 15,000 whales. Since these majestic mammals are quite predictable in their migration patterns and routes, scheduling your trip so as to be in time for whale watching in Bermuda is pretty much easy. Usually, the whales stop by in Bermuda in order to mate and calve, making spotting a mother whale with her young one quite easy.

Although the massive whale migration makes March and April the best whale watching season, there is more. During this time, water clarity is a notch higher as winter gives way to Spring. This means that if you take a whale watching trip in a glass bottom boat, you have the ability to see up to 100 feet deep into the water. What better way to feast your eyes on the beauty that abound beneath the water surface? You get an incredible chance to be one with nature and be part of an unforgettable experience.

Getting the Perfect Views

The South Shore is the best place to visit for a whale watching tour as the whales pass by the Gulf Stream on their way to North Atlantic waters. You will be able to watch the Humpbacks breach, back float, swim upside and slap the surface of the water with their tails. The ideal place for onshore whale watching is the West Whale Bay Beach located in Southampton. Since you will be relying on pure luck, you need to have lots of patience and a pair of binoculars to get good views. Best to go there either in the morning or evening.

Although you can still watch these huge mammals from the land, offshore is where the real experience is. You can book a whale watching tour into the Bermuda waters in order to get the most out of the rare phenomenon. The Island Tour Centre offers whale watching tours to some of the best locations for whale watching in Bermuda. The beauty of taking these whale watching tours is they know where to take you for an ultimately enjoyable experience. You also get to be really close to the humpbacks and take great pictures as they show off their acrobatic moves.

The Island Tour Centre has its offices at the Dockyard and also at Hamilton city. Whale watching tours with Island Tour Centre start at the Dockyard and last for at least five hours depending on the location and the whales’ activity. You can decide to either take a tour using a glass-bottomed boat or a different one where you can watch from the decks. What remains constant is the unforgettable memories that come with whale watching in Bermuda waters.

What to Keep in Mind?

The opportunity to watch the humpbacks in their natural environment is exciting and doesn’t come often. Since whales are curious animals, they can be tempted to get as close as possible to the boat. You should be wary of swimming, touching and even feeding the whales as it may cause changes in their behavior and even put you or the whales at risk.

It is important to cause the least interruption to the animals while on a whale watching tour so you can enjoy seeing them at their natural best. With this in mind, book yourself a whale watching tour with Island Tour Centre and set yourself up for a one-of-a-kind whale watching experience!

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