Snorkeling & Diving in Bermuda: 4 Facts You Need to Know

Bermuda is every travel-bugs goal. With its clear blue water and pink sand beaches, no one can resist its charm. It’s the perfect dream destination, especially for divers. If this is your first time, here are four facts you need on how you can make your dream vacation come true.


Accessible, clear water everywhere
Bermuda is characterized by its ever beautiful clear water beaches that are super accessible. Few places in the world offer easier access unlike in Bermuda. You can literally dive from the beach or marvel at shipwrecks while snorkeling in 25 feet of water.

Another unique feature is the water clarity, which can have up to 80 feet of visibility during summer and its warmth, averaging 28 degrees Celsius in peak season. For snorkelers, extra buoyancy created by high salt density makes things easier too.


You don’t need years of experience to dive in Bermuda
Most diving spots in Bermuda are between 30 and 70 feet. There are guided dive boats that typically take out small groups of 10 to 20 people, with snorkelers and sometimes passengers among them.


Bermuda’s diverse marine life is amazing
Thanks to the place’s strict protective laws, Bermuda’s reefs are in good shape compared to other parts of the world. Divers can get to enjoy swimming with a greater variety of fish species including the yellow-and-black striped sergeant major; the striking blue angelfish; the barracuda, and the parrot fish. Sea turtles are also quite plentiful in Bermuda waters.


Known as the Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic
More than 300 shipwrecks are lying bare in the seabed of Bermuda. The remains of American Civil War blockade-runners, the hulls and cannons of Spanish galleons, and even the remnants of a B52 bomber and a Chinese migrant ship which sunk in 1997 lie beneath the waves.