Why You Should Put Bermuda Back on Your Travel Radar

There are many reasons why you should go to Bermuda, but one word excites us all: exotic. No other island in the world can offer you the beauty that Bermuda has to offer. From its beaches to marine life, cruises, and excellent nightlife, you may feel like never wanting to leave the island ever.

If you think going to Bermuda Island will cost you a lot, think again. Just a hop, skip and puddle jump from the East Coast, this beautiful, 24-mile paradise in the Atlantic offers delicious food, postcard-worthy beaches, and friendly locals.

Here are the top 4 reasons why Bermuda should be on your travel radar and soon.

  1. Getting to Bermuda is a piece of cake. It only takes 120 minutes to fly from the East Coast to Bermuda. The view from your plane window is breathtaking too. Never has there been an easier commute to paradise. And yes, it’s relatively cheap.
  2. The beaches are pristine. The water is warm and bright blue. It’s everything you’ve dreamed of seeing in a beach paradise destination. Bermuda is famous for its hidden coves and islets.
  3. You can trek, go to a spa or swim, whatever your heart desires. Whether a walk around the island, a hot stone massage at one of the plentiful resorts, a game of tennis or just a swim, there’s plenty to do in Bermuda.
  4. Top notch hotels. From beach clubs to hotels to inns, there are so many options whether you want something on the beachfront itself or a stone’s throw away from the shore. They’re all majestically beautiful.

Last but not the least, Bermudians are some of the nicest islanders out there. Travelers hail Bermuda as one of the friendliest places in the Caribbean (although it’s not technically in the Caribbean). It seems like everyone is always smiling here especially during their many island parades.